Selected works

Short stories

Post-viral Thoughts – Frivolous Comma, September 2023
Love in the time of Post Viral Rapid-Onset Telepathy Syndrome. 3000 words.

Jawbone – The Margins, July 2023
Flash fiction about a girl who finds a bone on her school camp. 700 words.

An Obituary to Birdsong – If There’s Anyone Left microfiction contest (2nd place), June 2023
Speculative microfiction about our links to nature and the people who sustain communities through environmental crises. 500 words.

Potential – Immigrant Sci-Fi, Flame Tree Press, May 2023
A daughter of time-travelling immigrant parents struggles to connect with her astronaut colleagues, but finds understanding from her sentient spaceship. 4000 words.

Oddities on the Coastal Path – The Saltbush Review, ‘Intersections’, May 2023
A fictionalised account of unusual observations on a walk along England’s Yorkshire coast. 1000 words. Check out the full issue, themed ‘Intersections’, here.

Loving Bone Girl – Apex , April 2023
Dark speculative love story about war, immigration, and identity. 2700 words.

They Don’t Care If You Are Charming – Atthis Arts Patreon, February 2023 (released to subscribers)
A weird fantasy story about a woman whose magical smile draws too much unwanted attention. 1700 words.

Why We Bury Our Dead At Sea – Reckoning 7, January 2023
Climate fiction that spans deep-sea mining, habitat loss, forced migration, and whale falls. 2400 words.

Stains of HomeIf There’s Anyone Left, Vol. 3, November 2022
Speculative flash about the relationship between a second-generation migrant and their father. 500 words.

My Mother Was Born From An Apple – Going Down Swinging, ‘The Funeral’, October 2022
A weird flash fiction story about a mother who was born from an apple. 550 words.

Elephant Doctor – Worlds of Possibility, October 2022
Fabulist story about finding a welcoming medical doctor. 1200 words.

I Welcome the Ant Colonies in Our House – Hennepin Review, July 2022
Reprinted in Sans Press, June 2023
A weird flash piece about ants and colonisation. Shortlisted for Brave New Weird (2022). 660 words.

El, the Plastotrophs, and Me – Imagine 2200, September 2021
Reprinted in Afterglow: Climate Fiction for Future Ancestors, February 2023
Climate fiction short story about a young tauiwi woman trying to find her place in a future Aotearoa New Zealand. Finalist in the Grist/Fix Imagine 2200 contest. 5000 words.

Clutch. Stick. Shift. – Mermaids Monthly, July 2021
Reprinted in Year’s Best Aotearoa New Zealand Science Fiction & Fantasy, Volume IV, October 2022
Fantasy story with themes of parent-child relationships, love, and migration. 1100 words.

Fortune Favours the Parrot – The Writing Quarter, March 2021
Historical flash set in South India, featuring an ex-soldier with a conscience and a fortune-telling parrot. Winner of The Writing Quarter’s monthly competition. 1000 words.

We Inhaled This Wanderlust (speculative) – The Deadlands, September 2023
For my shipmates, a short glossary to aid mutual understanding (speculative) – Uncanny, May 2023 – A multilingual poem involving Tamil and English – and space travel.
The Moon Gets To Stay In Bed With A Hot Water Bottle – Sylvia, February 2023
The New Children (speculative) – Bloodless (Sliced Up Press), October 2022 – After Lucy Clifford’s ‘The New Mother’
Transformative Love (speculative) – Mother: Tales of Love and Terror (Weird Little Worlds), October 2022
Glowworms – Channel Issue 7, October 2022
Flower/Head: 1024 poems – HOAX, August 2022
Old Chestnuts – Native Skin, February 2022
Sea ice breakup, from Erebus’ summit – Plumwood Mountain, October 2021
Mothers of the Disappeared (speculative) – Apparition Lit, February 2021

Please Mind the Poltergeist – Worlds of Possibility
Shakunthalai in the Forest – audio drama written for and produced by Feminist Fairytales

Interview about climate fiction – Uncanny Magazine, December 2021

Awards & shortlists

A summary of my 2023 published work eligible for awards is available here. I am happy to provide copies on request, especially for those works not publicly available.

Sir Julius Vogel Awards, 2023 – Best New Talent winner
If There’s Anyone Left microfiction contest, 2023 – second place (An Obituary to Birdsong)
Brave New Weird, 2022 – shortlisted (I Welcome the Ant Colonies In Our House)
Sir Julius Vogel Awards, 2022 – finalist (Clutch. Stick. Shift.)
Alpine Fellowship Writing Prize, 2022 – shortlisted
Grist/Fix Imagine 2200 contest, 2021 – finalist (El, the Plastotrophs, and Me)
New Zealand Sunday Star Times short story contest, 2021 – highly commended
The Writing Quarter monthly contest, 2021 – winner (Fortune Favours the Parrot)
Dream Foundry short story contest, 2020 – finalist