Selected works

Short stories

Renewal Notice – Haunted Hallways, April 2024
Mira needs her scholarship to stay at Mallory Thorne. Even if it’s unseasonably hot and dry, and bombs are dropping back home, she has to focus on her studies But someoneor somethingelse wants her attention, too. Eco-horror/dark fantasy. 6250 words.

You Can Keep Your Helmet On – Interstellar Flight Magazine, April 2024
‘“Half price if you remove that helmet,” says the cashier wearing Luke’s nametag, and the rest of his body…’ Flash fiction. 330 words.

Updated Intelligence – All Tomorrow’s Futures: Fictions that Disrupt, March 2024
A smartfridge alert gets Stace in trouble for suspected looting, with only a robot lawyer to help. 2750 words.

Please Mind the Poltergeist – Worlds of Possibility, October 2023
Flash fiction about a person with chronic illness looking after a haunted house. 1000 words.

Post-viral Thoughts – Frivolous Comma, September 2023
Love in the time of Post Viral Rapid-Onset Telepathy Syndrome. 3000 words.

Jawbone – The Margins, July 2023
Flash fiction about a girl who finds a bone on her school camp. 700 words.

An Obituary to Birdsong – If There’s Anyone Left microfiction contest (2nd place), June 2023
Speculative microfiction about our links to nature and the people who sustain communities through environmental crises. 500 words.

Potential – Immigrant Sci-Fi, Flame Tree Press, May 2023
A daughter of time-travelling immigrant parents struggles to connect with her astronaut colleagues, but finds understanding from her sentient spaceship. 4000 words.

Oddities on the Coastal Path – The Saltbush Review, ‘Intersections’, May 2023
A fictionalised account of unusual observations on a walk along England’s Yorkshire coast. 1000 words.

Loving Bone Girl – Apex , April 2023
Dark speculative love story about war, immigration, and identity. 2700 words.

They Don’t Care If You Are Charming – Atthis Arts Patreon, February 2023 (released to subscribers)
Weird fantasy story about a woman whose magical smile draws too much unwanted attention. 1700 words.

Why We Bury Our Dead At Sea – Reckoning 7, January 2023
Climate fiction that spans deep-sea mining, habitat loss, forced migration, and whale falls. 2400 words.

Stains of HomeIf There’s Anyone Left, Vol. 3, November 2022
Speculative flash about the relationship between a second-generation migrant and their father. 500 words.

My Mother Was Born From An Apple – Going Down Swinging, ‘The Funeral’, October 2022
A weird flash fiction story about a mother who was born from an apple. 550 words.

Elephant Doctor – Worlds of Possibility, October 2022
Fabulist story about finding a welcoming medical doctor. 1200 words.

I Welcome the Ant Colonies in Our House – Hennepin Review, July 2022
Reprinted in Sans Press, June 2023
A weird flash piece about ants and colonisation. Shortlisted for Brave New Weird (2022). 660 words.

El, the Plastotrophs, and Me – Imagine 2200, September 2021
Reprinted in Afterglow: Climate Fiction for Future Ancestors, February 2023
A young tauiwi woman tries to find her place in a future Aotearoa New Zealand. Grist/Fix Imagine 2200 contest finalist. 5000 words.

Clutch. Stick. Shift. – Mermaids Monthly, July 2021
Reprinted in Year’s Best Aotearoa New Zealand Science Fiction & Fantasy, Volume IV, October 2022
Reprinted in Small Wonders, Issue 10, April 2024
Fantasy story with themes of parent-child relationships, love, and migration. 1100 words.

Fortune Favours the Parrot – The Writing Quarter, March 2021
Historical flash set in South India. An ex-soldier with a conscience meets a fortune-telling parrot. The Writing Quarter monthly competition winner. 1000 words.

Shakunthalai in the Forest – audio drama produced by Feminist Fairytales, September 2023
A retelling of a classic myth. Shakunthalai’s life in the forest achiramam is full of all the love she needs, or so she thinks until she meets King Dushyanthan…

Inheritance Season (speculative) – Augur, December 2023
Not Cricket (speculative) – Uncanny, November 2023
Mullivaikkal Shells – Praire Fire, October 2023
We Inhaled This Wanderlust (speculative) – The Deadlands, September 2023
For my shipmates, a short glossary to aid mutual understanding (speculative) – Uncanny, May 2023 – A multilingual poem involving Tamil and English – and space travel.
The Moon Gets To Stay In Bed With A Hot Water Bottle (speculative) – Sylvia, February 2023
The New Children (speculative) – Bloodless (Sliced Up Press), October 2022 – After Lucy Clifford’s ‘The New Mother’
Transformative Love (speculative) – Mother: Tales of Love and Terror (Weird Little Worlds), October 2022
Glowworms – Channel Issue 7, October 2022
Flower/Head: 1024 poems – HOAX, August 2022
Old Chestnuts – Native Skin, February 2022
Sea ice breakup, from Erebus’ summit – Plumwood Mountain, October 2021
Mothers of the Disappeared (speculative) – Apparition Lit, February 2021

Gifts from a Harsh Continent – Island Magazine Issue 169, November 2023
How can you reclaim what you never had?Apparition Lit, October 2023

‘The Saint of Bright Doors’ by Vajra Chandrasekera – Strange Horizons, January 2024
‘You Are My Sunshine and Other Stories’ by Octavia Cade – Strange Horizons, November 2023

‘Kannaki contemplates the fire in her breast’ – poem in Small Wonders (May 2024)
‘Unsung’ – short story in Xanax Hamster (June 2024)
‘A Garden of Feelings’ – short story in The Fabulist
‘Your Packing List for the Apocalypse’ – short story in On Spec
‘First Aid for Androids’ – poem in On Spec

Two works in yahaan, exhibition at Corban Estate Arts Centre, March to April 2024
Appearance on Shining Moon podcast episode 24 on environmental and climate fiction, December 2023
Interview about climate fiction – Uncanny Magazine, December 2021

Awards & shortlists

A summary of my 2023 published work eligible for awards is available here. I am happy to provide copies on request, especially for those works not publicly available.

Sir Julius Vogel Awards, 2024 – finalist (An Obituary to Birdsong, Why We Bury Our Dead at Sea)
Michael King Writers Centre Emerging Writers Residency, 2024
Sir Julius Vogel Awards, 2023 – Best New Talent winner
If There’s Anyone Left microfiction contest, 2023 – second place (An Obituary to Birdsong)
Brave New Weird, 2022 – shortlisted (I Welcome the Ant Colonies In Our House)
Sir Julius Vogel Awards, 2022 – finalist (Clutch. Stick. Shift.)
Alpine Fellowship Writing Prize, 2022 – shortlisted
Grist/Fix Imagine 2200 contest, 2021 – finalist (El, the Plastotrophs, and Me)
New Zealand Sunday Star Times short story contest, 2021 – highly commended
The Writing Quarter monthly contest, 2021 – winner (Fortune Favours the Parrot)
Dream Foundry short story contest, 2020 – finalist